As gamers, we’re not the most athletic bunch, but we’re not opposed to virtual exercise. Join as we countdown our picks for the Top …


  1. Tecmo bowl as honorary mention?? Tell me you're fucking kidding. That game changed lives. Also would've liked to see baseball stars. Great game!

  2. NBA 2K series. Some say it's more realistic than actual basketball!!!!!

    FIFA series has provided us with much better titles than FIFA 10. FIFA 15 is one of the best games I have ever played. Also, despite not being a fan, Pro Evolution Soccer deserved at least an honourable mention

  3. Playing with Mike Vick in Madden 04 was basically cheating, he was tooooooo good lol. I don't ever recall losing against anyone every time I played with the Falcons.

  4. 1. NHL 94 (You can't even really argue this, it's one of the most impactful, influential and important sports games. One of the most important games, period. It solidified EA's Sports division. Numerous publications call it the best sports game period, and some have ranked high among games all time. People still make hacked roms of this game with current rosters, although Jagr is still playing in the NHL as he was in 1993)

    2. ESPN NFL 2k5(A game so good that EA had to monopolize football, and force 2k and Visual Concepts out of football)

    3. MVP Baseball 2005(Setting the standard for baseball games for the coming years, MVP Baseball 2005 was a true home run for EA Sports. It was feature packed and was expertly done. A game still being updated online by baseball nerds)

    4. NCAA Football 2006(A great soundtrack, great gameplay, and great modes, NCAA Football 2004 is the valedictorian of collegiate sports titles. Race for the Heisman was fun, and a new feature. Impact Players actually mattered. The blocking was function unlike years past. )

    5. NBA 2k11(NBA 2K11 is what set 2K Sports' NBA franchise to the stratosphere. It's one of those games from its classic teams to gameplay to broadcast presentation that feels like its special. It was a true contender for Game of the Year when it came out, not just among sports games. The Jordan related modes also were amazing. It basically made EA 100% second class on the hardwood)

    6. MLB 15: The Show(MLB 15: The Show's attention to detail is just awe inspiring. You can bring your saves from last year, everything down to the cleats are meticulous. It's Diamond Dynasty mode isn't pay to win. All the features that made the series one of the best among PlayStation exclusives return or are even better. It's damn good on the PS4, PS3 and Vita)

    7. Punch-Out(It's fucking Punch-Out, need I say more)

    8. UFC Undisputed 3(A game that has seemingly gotten more love as the years have gone on, UFC Undisputed 3 is one of THQ's best swan-songs. A deep roster of fighters from a myriad of styles, introducing new mechanics that make the game feel more like the actual strategy of mixed martial arts while also still having fun with its knockouts. You've gotta be both tactical and brutal to be successful, and the game lets you do that from submissions to striking)

    9. Fight Night Round 4(A good looking game that runs 60 fps, which is necessary in boxing. The controls were rewarding and brutal, people actually got blisters. But those bumps and bruises were worth it because this game was a damn good follow-up to the 2006 previous round. It was also pretty good online too, which then was fairly rare on the consoles. A plethora of boxers from contemporaries to legends.)

    10. NBA Jam Tournament Edition(NBA Jam Tournament Edition's updated rosters, tournament mode, clutch stats, and finely tuned the gameplay of the original. It is far superior to the original NBA Jam and was a lot of people's first taste of the series as this version appeared for SNES, Genesis/Mega Drive, 32x, Saturn, and PlayStation)

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