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  1. they should stop making females the lead character roles i hate how the feminists keep talking shit men are overall better characters. (by the way im a female)anf i hate females.females fucked up everything first with voting and then they bitched and glt jobs which fucked up my occupation im a great cook and all i ever wanted to be was a stay at home mom and now they have led to fucking up games.male characters are better id rather see a manly shirtless character then a bitching winey female(which is how every female is)i even bitch and wine a little lol.but females need to shut the fuck up or the gaming world is going to loose money.

  2. I'm really tired of these shitty console games that mostly is graphics graphics graphics even tho it's bad graphics cuz it's console. They have no difficulty and only focus on there "graphics" instead of actually making the game fun and mechanical rich. On example of this is Just Cause 3. And one example of a good game that can do everything a good game needs (on PC of course you peasants) is star citzizen. Or Squadron 42 in this vid.

  3. More BITCH games. Should make the feminists slightly less moronic, morose, idiotic, bitchy, if that is even slightly possible. I will not be buying a single game that features a female in the lead role, that is for sure..

  4. 3 simple words and one name. just in case you forget that these pretty images are solely made for the benefit of Marketing Executives and definitely NOT for YOU, the consumer, the idiot, the sheep….
    3 short words and a name…
    'NO man's sky'
    sean murray

    have any of you actually learnt anything yet?
    well? what are you waiting for?
    pre order, you fucking muppets.

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