This is a countdown of the top 10 upcoming PC Open World Games. 0Do you agree with this list of the top 10 upcoming PC Open World Games? Do you …


  1. i dont agree on this list, no man's sky still not out but in terms of capacity and diversity it beats every other game you have played, and honestly fallout 4 isn't a good game, not even skyrim little brothers to my eyes.
    HOW THE FUCK CAN U SAY STAR CITIZEN IS 2ND, still in developement for 15 years, they may have good graphism, this game will die when no man's sky will be released.

  2. Skyrim had a more dynamic environment, this map is way smaller and alot more crowded, more like New Vegas.

    On the upside there's alot more quests and side missions (even more than Skyrim) and the crafting is far more detailed and customizable.

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