In this video, we take a look at the Top 10 Upcoming PS VR Games. Do you agree with my list of the Top 10 Upcoming PS VR Games? Do you disagree with my …


  1. Had the VR for about a month now and the only complaint is that the headset and controllers need stay calibrated when pausing or removing the headset. The system works great once you figure out lighting and distance (distance from the camera can change depending on the game).
    The resolution isn't super HD but who cares some of the really simple cartoon like games are as high of resolution as they need to be and are really fun. (Fruit Ninja)
    as for anything less in resolution honestly after a couple minutes you just are immersed and either like the point or difficulty of the game or not.

    I actually like sitting no matter what the game is and most are based on a stationary position. So the running around in a huge endless world is not the type of gameplay most VR games have.

    I do wonder about Minecraft VR though. This could be the coolest and funnest multiplayer game. And would need a large play area.

    If you think about it to really make Virtual Reality true to life it will never be on a console it would take a huge building with moving floors and such. So I think many people find the games different and not the Call of Duty type endless world play.
    basically yes the developers are keeping the games somewhat constricted.
    The only game I've tried so far that is much the same as a typical console game is Rigs. And it is very hard. So much control and movement. This game would be easy if it wasn't VR.

  2. Stationary games like Gran Turismo and Ace Combat are going to be the best application of VR. Trying to run around and turn 360 with 10 cables attached to your head is going to be awkward.

  3. I bought ps vr last week and while it is amazing and fun and super immersive…there just ISNT enough content at the moment and it seems to have gone silent on the news front .

    OUTLAST 2 – ALIEN ISOLATION should be vr.

    Really hope it gets the support to fulfill its potential

  4. i was going too buy VR today but i seen a lot of reasonable negative comments , it change my mind …Lack of good games and alot of problems ,…5 years ago i did mistake about buying 3D Tv and honestly After 5 years still there is no good 3d game i can play all of them sucks …. don't want repeat mistake again i guess VR is same thing , this games are so disappointing

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