Over 1700 games were released for the Xbox 360, so how do you come up with a Top 10 of All-Time?! Metal Jesus attempts this mammoth task to bring you his …


  1. Oooo, Spec Ops: The Line. I will insist to the grave that it was one of the most underappreciated games of the generation. The combat might not have brought anything new to the table, but that story blew me away.

  2. My tops:
    1.Fallout New Vegas
    2.Tenchu Z
    3.Forza Horizon 2
    4.Alan Wake
    5.Gear of War Judgment
    6.Ninja Gaiden 2(thou nothing beats the Ninja Gaiden Black game on original xbox)
    Not xbox exclusives
    7.Far Cry 3
    8.Ghost Recon Future soldier
    9.Rainbow six vegas 1 & 2
    10.Army of Two

    Honorable Mentions:
    1.Halo 3
    2.Halo Reach
    3.Assassins creed 3
    4.Assassins creed black flag
    5.Full auto
    6.Call of Duty Black Ops 2
    7.Call of Duty Modern warfare 2
    8.Top Spin Tennis 3
    9.Skate 3
    10.Dark Souls
    11.Dinasty warrior Gundam 3

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