Top 10 Couch Co-op Games for Xbox One, I hope you enjoy this was a fun one to make. And yes technically 11 hehe 0:11 – Hyper Light drifter 0:50 – Rayman …


  1. Oh God I miss Blur racing game so much. Unfortunately all new co-op games are stupid. Nothing like Blur. I wish that one day I can play it again on my Xbox One!!

  2. Nice video with some good games. I would have liked to have heard you giving opinions as to why over the top, but that being said not bad. For me on the PS4 the best couch co-op games I have found have been Broforce, Salt and Sanctuary and Resi 2 Revelations, but that's just one mans opinion. 🙂

  3. Please note that some of these games listed are HD remakes of Xbox 360 titles, some are definitely alot better than others. Never the less they are still fun to play with friends and family…one more thing THE GAMES ARE NOT IN ANY ORDER like I stated at start of video, them numbers mean nothing.

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