15 of the best and highest-rated PlayStation Vita RPG video games so far. A ranking of the top role-playing handheld games on the PS VITA console. Whatoplay …


  1. I was considering vita but ended up buying 3ds. I played fire emblem, bravely default, pokemon, and rune factory 4 on it and I loved it. I think I made the right decision. After having 3ds for a while, seeing vita games feels……… meh.

  2. this is a great video but..most of those games didn't appear to be English at all..unless you were just using the Japanese ports for the gameplay footage

  3. Damn, I really want to pick up a Vita, but I'm afraid it will get neglected in the west as it was until now. I mean, in Japan the Vita is doing great, but they have way more games for it.
    The other problem is so many games are digital only and Sony's customer service is terrible, so if you get hacked you lose everything (Happened to me before unfortunately).

    Can anyone hype me up, so I can finally give in and buy a Vita? Thx! xD
    Also, awesome video!

  4. Can anyone tell me if the Jap import version of Atelier Ayesha Plus has English subtitles and the dual voice overs? I want to buy the physical copy as apposed to the digital download, but need English 🙂 Cheers.

  5. its too bad lots of these games like tales of hearts R or muramasa rebirth are such a pain to find because there so good. that is unless you go digital

  6. I am not a very big fan of JRPG (let's be honest, Vita has none good WRPG) but I am very surprised that Final Fantasy X/X-II HD didn't make it to the list. Something's clearly wrong, when such a legend isn't among TOP 30 RPGs on Vita. It should be in TOP 3.

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