In this video, we take a look at the Top 17 Best Survival Upcoming Games in 2017 & beyond. Some of these Games also Cover the Upcoming Open World …


  1. Pathologic was a clusterfuck of a game that looked like it was made 10 years ago. Good to see that Pathologic 2 is staying true to this formula.

    And State of Decay 2? Hell, I will definitely not touch this game. Not after the mess the first one was, not after they've sold the game a second time; just for the same price; even for owners of the original with all DLC and with the same bloody bugs and glitches and flaws in design and story. Fuck, when I want to lose half of my playtime by catering to pesky, annoying, nagging assholes who just don't seem to realise that they are in the middle of a bloody zombie apocalypse… only to then walk straight forward into the next horde… then maybe.

  2. The problem with online survival games, like DayZ is that you spend hours as a freshie looting and then some piece of shit hacker kills you and you have start all over again. You simply can't play any online games anymore without getting fucked by hackers, make a great SP survival game with a co-op feature instead cause online games are broken and sadly will be forever.

  3. One reason I never enjoyed 3rd person multiplayer games, is purely that ability to look around a corner without giving yourself away, and then get gunned down before you can do anything. Its always been unfair and unbalanced. Compared to something like R6, whenever you see and enemy they can see you. Whether its leaning, lights on the camera/drone, compared with peaking round a corner with an invisible camera…

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