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  1. I was ready to crucify them for not putting FF7 at #1 but when I actually saw #1, while I did not agree with it, I could understand it.

  2. Recently played Resident Evil 2… was so excited to replay it that I immediately played through it a second time 🙂 Def one of the very best for the PS1… I also agree on Crash 2 being superior to Crash 1 even though both are top games.. decent list

  3. My top:
    10) Spider-man 2
    9) Mortal kombat 3 ultimate
    8) Twisted Metal 2
    7) Medievil 2
    6) Need for speed porsche unleashed
    5) Syphon filter
    4) Tekken 3+
    3) Crash Bandicoot 3 Warped
    2) Spyro 3
    1) Gran Turismo 2

  4. I only played the Resident Evil game on the NDS, but I hated those controls. The fixed camera angle was annoying as heck and the fact that you had to kinda turn and walk separately made it even worse.

    Also, where's Croc? And Syphon Filter 3? Those were awesome.

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