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  1. PC master race community is so fucking cancerous, just look at these hateful comments to console gamers below. I'm feeling kinda ashamed when seeing myself building my first gaming PC right now and thinking about joining this retarded community.

  2. "PC Exclusives" doesnt make sense to me. its profitable for devs to push their games to as many platforms as possible. and since there is no single company pushing for people to PC game im pretty sure we will always see an xbox port of a pc game if its popular or AAA rather than it just be a PC exclusive lol.

    we may see something like that in the future if Valve kicks it in gear and starts some real funding for STEAM ONLY exclusive titles. then the real battle could begin. but the fact that its not done or even needed done for PC and it is still plenty successful is hilarious. NVIDIA is another major player i could easily see funding a PC exclusive and even giving it away for free if you buy any pc with their cards in it.

    Also PC has a lot of "exclusives" if you think about arena games and mmo's that consoles just cant compare to. Otherwise there is no one company saying "no, keep it PC only" in the market so of course everything is gonna get ported over. .

  3. we love playing video games…
    pc, ps3, xb360 even handheld like psp & nds, and we are having fun and we don't give a shit about this nonsensical debate for which platform rule over others
    let be friends

  4. I came here to see what games I should get when I finally get a PC and all I see in the comments are PC elitists being arse-wipes. While I do want a PC, I don't think any "master race" should be behaving like rich brats in the 4th grade. And to the console gamers… well, if you came here with no intention of getting a PC, you pretty much walked into the butthurt.

  5. I dont know who is supposed to be more cancerous the console players or the pc players….the comments show me that both "communities" must be fucking retarded piles of shit

  6. I just don't get all the fanboyism that erupted here. I have a PC and I have some consoles. For consoles this gen, I have stuck with only the Xbone because I have a lot of old friends on it. I sold my PS4 because I got tired of Sony's ever increasing anti-consumer policies. I mainly game on PC and turn on Xbone, or the older consoles I have, once in a while. I like the fact that, on PC, I can install tons of mods for Skyrim and Fallout 4 without Sony or Microsoft telling me what I can have and how much of it I can have. I like the fact that the PC versions of many games look a ton better than the console versions and that the graphics are only limited by your hardware.

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