Presenting our most anticipated PC video games coming soon this 2017-18. These are the most hyped games that have been announced on or before E3 2017.


  1. And none of those would I actually buy. Remember when good games came out all over the place? When people were excited for the next Battlefield, Bioware game? The game industry is diseased with milking franchises and console monopoly.

  2. I was thinking about buying a pc for gaming this year. I don't think I will now. None of them are in the genres I like. I have 0 interest in not 1 of these games.

  3. Me Andromeda wasn't epic like it's predecessors but it was a good game. Saying it was mediocre is unfair. Sniper Ghost Warrior 3 was mediocre. Call of duty infinite warfare was awful. Rainbow six seige was the worst RS game ever. There've been plenty of games far worse than MEA.

  4. Only intrested in Metro Exodus – while waiting – might aswell play thru the Metro 2033, Metro last light, Then Metro 2033 Redux and then Metro last light redux in all one go before it release

  5. "Where is COD?"
    "This list is f*cked up man, there is no Call of Duty WWII here you son of a b*tch!"
    All of you shut the f*ck up!
    WWII Is too shit already, all of you COD dumb 13 year old fat kids complaining about how COD didn't make it into this list.
    I played it when it was free on steam, and just looking at the reviews, i realized i wasted my time playing some shitty game.
    Your all sad that COD didn't make it into this list?
    Deal with it.

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