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  1. I am searching for an easy sniper ps4 game, with a steady lock on targets, no wind, heartbeats, shake or other stuff that makes shooting hard. Kinda where your enemies have no chance at all. I loved that James Bond Golden Eye game where Bond uses a sniperrifle.

  2. The fact that fucking Cabela was rated higher than the Hitman sniper challenge and that Nazi Zombie Army 2 was rated even higher than that shows just how stupid this is. The fact that Cabela was even in there was enough to make me think this was a troll video. Considering this video came out in 2014, can you please jump off of a fucking roof after taking a shot of bleach? And maybe hold a live grenade in your mouth while you're drooping? Also have an actual fucking sniper wait for you to hit the ground and shoot any bit that's left.

  3. Sniper The Hitman challenge on PS3 was so brilliant I was gutted to clear it. I never once looked for help on youtube for it. MR X was funny. But as +PC Master Race says, Sniper Elite is thee best Sniper Game.

  4. hmmmmm, honestly I feel more like playing a farcry instincts game with a sniper rifle and just picking off enemies that way…

    these games just don't seem to trip my trigger for what I want to play

    I want to be prone with a .50 cal and look down at a village look as each mercenary there is moving around and time slows down as I increase the zoom (so at 2x they are slowly moving but at 100x they are barely stepping)

    and then…..I take the shot….the thought is so very stimulating as I deliver a killing blow to one of the mercenaries and then another…and another…and another!

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