FeverGaming – This Top 5 List Goes Over the Best FPS First Person Shooter PS Vita Games on the PlayStation Vita. Games in this list include: Resistance Burning Skies, Black Ops Declassified,…


  1. Resistance: Burning Skies is atrocious. Couldn't even finish it. CoD is tits for multiplayer. Probably the only reason to even get it, but its still a good reason. A handheld multiplayer shooter that's pretty good. However… Mercenary has a hell of a multiplayer and a story mode. I think the aesthetics were mentioned in the video and yeah… graphically the game is top notch stuff. KZ:M is the way to go if you're looking for a handheld FPS. No problems whatsoever finding other players in MP btw

  2. It really bugs me that call of duty is taking up such a large portion of this list, it's not really that good of a game. And it's had so many repetitive sequels that it really doesn't need another mention

  3. Damn I've been subscribed to you (other account) since you were feveronceagain123 and I just saw your comment on the xxl cypher and it felt great knowing your still an active and awesome YouTuber

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