The PSP Retrospective continues! Let’s take a look at five awesome fan patches for five Japanese PSP Games. Then let’s wish for official localization! Enjoy!


  1. I'm the 1000th Like!

    Just saying. Hehe!

    I think the only fully English Patched here is Grand Knights and Digimon, the others are still not 100% complete. Would love to play Twin Brave and Valkyria Chronicles 3.

    Anyway, love this vid. ;"3

  2. final fantasy typoe 0 are the most fucked up , after nicoblog realese english patch, squeare enix confirmed ff type-0 after that english patch realese 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  3. I only found the Twin braves patched at V0.1, do anyone could find a more advanced patch?

    Ho and about .hack, I myself tried to complete the transalation many people left behind but I to leave it when my computer crush and lost all of my advanced D: however, I found this folder in the internet!mBxDDSJb!m3lvW4T9u4MSMMJ-7riW9w
    It´sfrom this page
    And I think itps more than enough for know, hope they´re still working, thnks to Kuukai, JunBansyoya, Keii, Kazetrigger.

  4. This Dynasty Warrior Musou bullshit needs to stop, NOW and for EVER! This is the lowest form of lazy video game development in existence! I rather buy broken unfinished and bad video games than further supporting this Musou bullshit! Its disgusting!

  5. Damn, no Monster hunter portable 3rd? Was waiting patiently for a western release that we never got! We did however get 100% patch for it though 😉

  6. "the best game i've played is the one we didn't get"

    the best way to describe many things japan didn't give us.

    also! PSP2i is currently under translation, the best game in the PSUniverse will eventually become available in English for fans.

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