This is my top 5 most underrated games of the current generation. From the Evil Within to The Evil Within 2, and all the way back to Mad Max, these are games I …


  1. To me, dying light online co-op has been the most satisfying gaming experience I can remember in a long time. Talk one of your friends into it, buy it on the cheap, and get ready for an amazing ride.

  2. To me AC Syndicate was so bad, i stopped playing it after 1 hour. Dying light, Evil within and Mad Max were good, but Alien Isolation was awesome game imo, and i even got a platinum from it. Nobody of my Ps4 frends have ever tried Isolation what is very surprising, gamers don't know what they have missed.

  3. Own all of these games, and currently playing Mad Max… What I love about this game is just the flow it provides, plus the incredible atmosphere, which u don't see even in Rockstar games that often… All the mechanics are simple and very satisfying… 9/10.

  4. Great video. I agree on many of the games, being underrated. Dying light though? I always thought this game was very much liked by the majority of people… It has a very high metacritic score, and very positive reviews on steam.

    Mad Max, MAFIA 3, and evil within (especially 1) are heavily underrated. imo.

    Alien isolation is amazing also… great pick! 🙂

  5. Excellent list.

    I prefer TEW 2 over TEW 1 one in terms of gameplay and story, but the first one definitely has the better atmosphere.

    Also, Alien Isolation is amazing!

  6. Its crazy how much different my list is than yours. My top underrated games

    Honorable mentions The Order 1886. (great game just too short)
    Sunset Overdrive (Great game wrong console)
    5. Mafia 3 (a little repetitive, phenomenal story, launched buggy)
    4. State of Decay 2 (best zombie survival game on the market period. just launched buggy)
    3. Mass Effect Andromeda (decent game but launched hella buggy. Story not as good as the others but the game play is arguably the best in the series)
    2. Resident Evil Revelations 2 (Return to form. I got the same chills playing this that I got playing Resident Evil 2 back in 1998. Great game that just didn't sell well)
    1. Call of Duty Advanced Warfare (Imo arguably the best CoD ever made if played on PC. Its biggest problem was that the match making was fucked on PC and it was a bad game on console due to the neck breaking pace required that controllers just cant do. Great guns, great streaks, I loved this game.)

  7. I pretty much agree with every single game on the list. But I haven't played Alien Isolation yet and yes I do own it I'll get there eventually. I have AC Syndicate on PS4 but I haven't went back to finish it I think I'm already deep into that game I think its one of the better AC Games as an AC Fan but as of right now I still think AC Origins saved the series and is easily without a doubt the best in the series and I can't wait for AC Odyssey. And I've completed both Evil Within 1&2 earlier this year and I have to say I enjoyed Evil Within 2 the most out of the two.

  8. I hated mafia 3 for quite a while playing it. The mechanics aren't very refined. But I couldn't put it down and by the end really liked it. I know this is a minority opinion but for me Evil Within was amazing but EW2 was dogshit. I tried Dying Light on ps4 but couldn't do it, maybe I would have enjoyed it on PC. Mad Max was ok, nothing special, had it's fair share of issues making it properly rated imo. Havent played alien isolation.

  9. I know it's late but I have the evil within installing as I type this lol if you think it's good I'm glad I bought it.

    Alien isolation is one of my favourite games of all time.

  10. Dying light and Mad Max are both great choices I played all the games you picked. But for me I would say Mirror's Edge Catalyst I loved the first game and replayed it a bunch of times even in VR lol. But as for Catalyst people gave that game alot of shit because it went open world and there wasn't much to do in it.But the parkour in that game still feels so good. The atmosphere is one of main reasons why I enjoy it so much and the soundtrack. You mention atmosphere in games that's something not alot of people bring up but I'm glad you did I notice over the years how much it can add to the enjoyment of a game at least for me.

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