The Sony Playstation 2 was a wonderful system with an incredible library of almost 2000 games. There’s plenty of great games to play from this golden era of …


  1. There are so many good PS2 game, I would rent any game that interest me for a short time then I will buy it if I like it

    I think it was a perfect generation where the cost of game production isn't too high so many developer could take risk and make a lot of interesting game for a smaller audience, so kinda like the indie dev but not really indie, around AA I guess

  2. I forgot the name of atv offroad fury, now I remember it after seeing it. We also got cousins, siblings, and uncles together to play that. So many great memories of that and smuggler's run also.

  3. I prefer playing them over SMB ;) not really granted that is how i play most stuff even if i own it..simpler. Not many games have issues over SMB so meh..why not

  4. I think it's the best one regardless of the newer ones. I still have mine, but don't have that much time.

    My favorite games definitely MX Unleashed, ATV Offroad Fury and Jet Moto

  5. I'd add Mercenaries: Playground of Destruction.
    It's an open world action romp, set in Korea. You take jobs from factions, build up your loyalty with them, unlock/buy new weapons, and you can destroy EVERYTHING. Whether it be a simple 9mm, or a huge bunker busting nuclear bomb, you have access to it. This game was a classic, made by the guys at Pandemic Studios.

  6. Brought the ps2 for the 4 year old to try and get him away from the iPad and because I wanted to play final fantasy, old school!! He doesn’t quite get the fact the controller isn’t wireless though!! Forgot about snake aswell 😂

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  8. #Harry Potter & the Chambers of Secrets. Shoot it in the mouth Harry!! (Ron's one of three pieces of during the mini boss battle where you have to fight the Whomping Willow with only flipendos)

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