Top 5 Shooting Games of 2015! The following Top 5 shooting games of 2015 were chosen during our TGN Podcast last week, to see the full discussion click the …


  1. Splatoon was the BEST shooter game of 2015? Beating Halo 5, Rainbow Six: Siege and Destiny? How much did they pay you TGN? How much?

  2. I just hated Battlefront because it was EA. I only got to play for around 8 hours before EA deleted my Origin Account because they thought I was a kid as I has Minecraft installed. The install also took over 24 hours on super-fast WiFi. Screw you EA.

  3. destiny is one of my biggest regretful purchases. game offered me nothing. oh cool a new non functional ship. great. has much the same problem as borderlands imo, where you get a new gun thats pretty much the same as many of the other guns. just because its a different color and has .5 more damage doesn't really make it a new gun.

  4. Star wars makes it on to the list despite it being nothing more than a re-skinned BF game, but BO3 only gets an honorable mention? …Ok…..I remember why I unsubscribed now.

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