These are the 24 best upcoming RPGs on PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PS3, Vita, and 3DS that will be coming out in 2016 and beyond. Whatoplay is your …


  1. The future is dark, with only 3(Mass Effect:andromeda,Cuberpunk 2077 and VAMPYR) non Japanese games it's going to be a very long year"looking forward to 2017", may God protect us from boredom-2016.

  2. The PS4 is looking really intoning now! Maybe I'll get one, though, I wonder if I would use it for long…

    Also, good job on the video! I especially love the little bits of "shots fired" thrown into it. Lol, "I'm looking at you backstreet boys"!

  3. just waiting for Friday the 13th game to come out OR Fear Effect Sedna to get Released IF successful on Kickstarter. can't wait to see how it turn's out.

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