In this video, We take a look at the top sports games for android and ios released so far until 2016.Including new android game releases and all time list of all the …


  1. The MLB game has great graphics and totally free, but I found the game frustratingly difficult, wish there was an easy mode to learn how to play it, or a practice mode. The Madden game was maddening, because of two reasons, first being bogged down by all the stupid cards and fantasy teams and bullshit. Couldn't care less about that. I just want to play the freaking game! Then, the clock was 1 minute quarters. One Minute. Tried everything to try to change the clock, went online, maybe I am dumb or don't understand. The graphics are decent but it was also too easy and I won every game (by like 14-0 since it was a four minute game). NBA Live is the best of the crop. I am a marginal basketball fan but this game is the shit, very realistic, lots of fun, and none of the cards, trades, whatever bullshit Madden is.

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