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  1. Looks like this was partly inspired by… lets call it "new age"-kabbalah, whith that depiction of the tree of life, the ten sefirot. And ofc some symbols there are astrological signs for planets, in keeping with new age. Saw the sign for jupiter there, looking kind of like a 4.
    The "Tree of life" is written by the ARI around 1500. Later, important kabbalist Baal ha Sulam took his writings and expounded and explained them in the Study fo the ten Sefirot. Google the rest.

  2. Looks like a pretentious, artsy bullshit game in my opinion. Everything is vague because "art," even though its obviously because the developers put minimum effort into the story. Or, "story."

  3. i saw this on steam and immediately thought "OMG A SEQUEL TO TORIN'S PASSAGE" then i remembered that torin was spelled with an i. i mean it still looks cool but i'm still super bummed.

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