This stream was recorded on July 23rd 2017** Gameplay starts at: 6:29 Follow Me on Twitter! Watch me live on Twitch!


  1. This guys the most useless smelly cuck I've ever come across, thinks he's funny but I bet if his mum caught him saying "fuck", he'd be getting the red ass. Always calling it a demo when it clearly says "2 Beta" up the top right of the screen you fat smelly gypsy prick

  2. Anyone else order from Ray's store on fanfiber near Wisconsin/Minnesota? If so how long did it take to get to you, I'm just curious to know, please help me find out how long it will take <3

  3. Dr. Hammerhead never did catch-up and would be cast into the great unknown, for no one had revived him. Getting his doctorate only a year earlier from today at the University of Utah. He died at the young age of 34; unfortunately leaving behind a loving wife and son.

  4. Anyone else remember when Halo 2 started with Earth getting fucked? I feel like Bungie just likes their sequels to start off with a "Fuck everything you did in the last game." It's pretty funny

  5. can someone lemme know if this is gonna have a lot more content than the first one cuz the first one i felt like had almost nothing to it and i was done with it really fast.

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