Check out two minutes of gameplay from Hi-Rez Studios’ third-person MOBA, Smite. The game modes played are Arena and Assault.


  1. I'm looking for competent smite players to team up with me on xb1 arena.MSG me via Twitter or Xbox at: Twitter:FGC_RG3_MARVEL XBOX:FGC RG3 MARVEL or leave a reply

  2. As someone who avoids most of the mainstream gaming sites, I'd almost forgotten how toxic and arrogant most IGN viewers/readers are. I'll just crawl back to Smite on PC thank you very much…

  3. Man, i didnĀ“t know there was so much hate on consoles o.0 get over it dudes.

    Man i want the tournaments of MOBA being more serious, can you imagine? "today at channel 5 playoffs, later smite season1" XD

  4. Why so much hate? This is going to be an absolute blast on consoles; so what it's been on PC for a while? I'm highly looking forward to smite on xb1; it's going to be fun.

  5. I'm so hyped for this, played it on PC a while ago but since my PC is now broken I can enjoy it on Xbox One, cannot wait.

    Oh, to all the console wars going on in the comment section; grow up, it's just video games.

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