Uncharted 4 Walkthrough. This is Uncharted 4 Full Game Walkthrough that covers the Uncharted 4 Full Game with All missions up to the ending. Platform: …


  1. i gotta say, this is really great game, but fuk naughty dog, why? because games should be enjoy by every gamer, not just only one console, so i prefer tomb raider is mich better, as every gamer can enjoy that game. one day these naughty bitches gonna make games for every console n pc.

  2. No commentary is appreciated, but, you play too fast. You are missing some animations, voice overs, and special moments. I prefer a more cinematic playthrough. Stop and smell the roses once in awhile.

  3. Brainteaser…They were originally going to call this 'unfarted' as the guy who made it has gut rot, but someone said 'nah don't'.

  4. can't believe the mad dizz I played 1and 2 and I played half of 3 but wen Nate brother came back and wen he wazz telling him about wat happened through all out the years it's juzz make u remember wen u wazz playin all of dem

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