Episode 138 – We’ve done regular ol’ sports games, now lets look at some which are a bit different for the better or worse. Our original normal sports games …


  1. with the Nintendo fanboy there I'm shocked that you did not run across Base Wars on the NES. robots playing baseball and beating each other up? what's not to love?

  2. There are so many of these you didn't touch.. maybe make a new list. Of top of my head i remember:
    – Blood bowl (american football, similar to that Mutant Football League but this is turnbased and has 24 races like orcs, halflings, goblins, elfs, undead, lizardmen.. etc)
    – Deadballzone (kinda like that Mutant Football league with chainsaws and bombs)
    – Super Mario Strikers (kinda like that mario baseball game but about soccer)
    – Asterix at the Olympic Games (Olympics)
    – Rocket League (soccer with rc cars)
    – Mutant League Football (sequel to Mutant Football League)

    And i'm sure you will find few more to complete the video 🙂

  3. yall should stick to being purely informative- every time you tell a 'joke' it ruins the flow of your script. not to mention shitty jabs disguised as 'cheeky' comedy. i wanted to subscribe but every time either of you tries to be funny it sucks the life from your channel

  4. freestyle street soccer on game cube is awesome cool trick moves and background objects can be used as weapons
    And adidas power soccer psx is great too because you can fly kick opponents that take the ball

  5. Hope ye awl have checked Wayne Gretzky's 3D Hockey .. it's the Blitz of NHL .. with turbo @ the ready , hold A , + Down-C , release for FIYAAA power shot !!!

  6. I JUST realized that the announcer in NBA Jam is saying "Head fake!" All these years I thought it was "Have faith!"

  7. "So if you own a 16 or 32-bit era console, chances are you can get this game (NBA Jam)…"
    It's not only those gens, it's also newer stuff like N64, PS2, 360, PS3, computer, and even on mobile phones where I picked up mine.

    Also, Ballistix is clearly saying "Let the game commence." I'm not sure why you can't hear it, it's really not garbled at all.

  8. I would love to c the mutant league games come back even if they just did the hockey and football ones on the newer consoles but a basketball one would b cool too or soccer or tennis volleyball they should just make every sport lol

  9. Super Punch Out, NBA Jam Tournament Edition and Super Dodge Ball were all games I liked too. Some other good ones were Super Spike V'ball and NFL Blitz, to include what wasn't already covered.

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