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  1. alright! i'm gonna say thanks to the uploader of this very informative video about this projector, because i'm planning to buy one, soon, and i don't want to regret in the end.

  2. +mayiandjay Nice video. I have just one question that I wasn't able to find the answer: does it have image adjusting settings for like when the projector is inclined? Because in my case it would be in the sealing and the image would have those diagonal lines on the sides.

  3. I have this model and should be noted if you have a Samsung 3d Blu-ray player: when connected, either the Blu-ray player or projector controller will control either device when linked via HD cable. and it should be known when you turn on the Blu-ray, the projector comes on and when you turn the projector off the Blu-ray turns off. there are other Blu-ray link features but I don't remember Them all at this time.

  4. Can someone help and explain to me how to use this projector with andoid? I have my phone connected and i've seen many videos on how to connect, but i still haven't found out how to mirror the phone to the projector or what app i need that actually works… Help plz

  5. Thanks for this but perhaps you can answer a question for me that isn't covered in your video. How do I choose a transition and then get back to a slide show? Thank you. Peter

  6. Hi, my projector is having a weird problem. Every time I power it up, it just starts for few seconds and then just turns off automatically. After that it just doesn't turns on, no matter what I do or press. If I keep it away for few hours and then try plugging in, it does the same thing. The light flashes on the projector and then it turns on for few seconds and then again turns off automatically. Any Idea what might be the problem, it is brand new from Aliexpress.

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