Only took me 11 months to make another They Made a Sequel review! At least it’s for a sequel I’ve been wanting to cover since the show’s inception.


  1. you can actually get vc2 and revolution on PS3 on the playstationstore. what sucks is that you can't get the first game on playstation store and the physical copy is rare 4 ps3.

  2. To this day i still have no idea how cadets like Zeri and Mischlitt (characterized as straight-A students) ended up in Class G. The game doesn't even bother to try and explain that.

  3. Well Valkyria Chronicles 1 has been re-released on PS4 so there is a sign that it might happen. heck I'm not the only one who thinks an HD remake of Valkyria Chronicles 2 & 3 on PS4 would be awesome right?

  4. Really nice video. I really enjoyed the game. Even though VC1 is superior story wise, the gameplay was really fun. A shame 3 goes unreleased on the west cause it seems to combine the best from both worlds.

  5. i really hope they will release part 2 and 3 also as a re-release for ps4. my psp broke down. and i really want to play part 3 for once. trophies for both would be pretty fun and challenging! 🙂

  6. Great review Blondy. I also had the same issue with the second game too much animu too much but the game play was improved at least and hey we got to see some old favorites again. Because of that, it got me to play the first game and third back to back and now I love the franchise right next to two other SRPGs, Disgaea and Fire Emblem. With that said I have to ask, Sega stop whoring the blue blur and give VC some love.

  7. I really liked the first game but I got stuck at one point and to make matters worse my PS3 died on me a little after which resulted in losing all my progress. I still haven't felt compelled enough to go back to it but I assume one day I will and when that day comes I will play 2 aswell. Good review, the writing being inferior is a shame but at least the game is fun to play.

  8. Nice review. I have the Steam version of VC1, just got a Playstation TV recently for $40 from Gamestop, and this game just happens to be on sale for $5 on the PSN store this weekend, seems like a perfect fit!

  9. Just came here to like the video. I already watched it in your website.
    Also, the english dub in this game is so bad boring… There are undubbed iso's of this game on internet.

  10. Good video. It's a game I've thought about doing video on. My only good idea was the same thing you did with Avon's laugh. I had to watch that twice.

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