What Remains of Edith Finch is a collection of short stories about a cursed family in …


  1. I had Just played the game! Seriously, Guys, It's one of the Most Beautiful Games that I had ever played. The Story, Art, Animation and last but not the least the Narration /. It's a short game but I must say it would do justice to every penny that you spent on it. Kudos Team Gaint Sparrow!

  2. I met the team that made this game at their office in Venice.
    Ian Dallas freaking gave me a Wacom Pad when I told him I wanted to be a game artist. I have nothing but love for their work, can't wait to play this one.

  3. I freaking loved The Unfinished Swan, I even 100%ed its trophy list 3 times on all 3 main platforms. Really great game, I'm hoping Edith Finch will be just as great. And maybe it'll get a Vita port hopefully?

  4. Looks intriguing! im getting a Vanishing of Ethan Carter vibe and some Everybody's Gone to the rapture… PlayStation always and will forever have top exclusives!

  5. Has anyone heard anything about this game? It's been exactly a year since this game trailer was released and by now I've written the studio twice for some news about a release date and haven't received a reply once. Very poor !!!

  6. I love games like this with a good story like 1 life is strange was excellent 2 the vanishing of Ethan Carter was excellent 3 everybody's going to the Rapture was good 4 the wolf among us it was good 5 gone home was good 6 murdered soul suspect was great and the best one of all was definitely 7 heavy rain

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