In this Wild Arms review, SuperDerek examines this classic PlayStation RPG that predated even Final Fantasy VII! Welcome back to The Game Collection!


  1. Hey Derek, i have thoroughly enjoyed your reviews and i constantly rewatch them in my free time, they are not too short and not too long and just perfect. you rock bro.

  2. Wild Arms was one of the very first PS1 games I ever owned.
    I got it the day I traded in my SNES and all my games (nearly a complete set of SNES RPG's all CIB, no regrets)

    To this day the intro movie and song move me.

  3. Being able to experience the stories/scenarios of multiple characters simultaneously sort of reminds me of Rudra no Hihou because it has the same kind of game play at least character wise.

    Another great review, Derek. I'm glad I watched this. I've played Wild Arms 4 for the ps2 before and I've always wanted to see where the series began.

    Btw, have you ever played any of the games of the Fire Emblem series? It's a pretty good tactic series that makes you really think of how to go about winning battles because of it's permanent death aspect. I'd suggest you give the game boy fire emblem games a looksie. 🙂

  4. I got lucky in the psn store and bought both wild arms one and two for a dollar each I was happy with what I got at times I got lost (you don't relize how many games hold your hand until you have no map or arrow )

  5. Wild Arms was the best of the series. Anything afterwards started going down hill very quickly. They company making them kept trying to introduce and experiment with new mechanics but none of them added any fun, and instead were pretty awful.

    The remake of Wild Arms which was named Wild Arms Alter code: F suffered from the same problems. They tried incorporating the mechanics of Wild Arms 2 and 3 into it thinking that with just one or two adjustments they could be fun, but really the mechanics themselves were just bad.

    If anyone wants to give it a try, pick up the original.

  6. I've been playing Wild Arms 5 for a couple of days now & I like it very much, & I'm not even into JRPGs that much. I'll definitely check other installments of the series. Thank you for the review!

  7. Great job Derek! I saw a review by G4tv on Wild Arms 4. They not only did a horrible job on the review but didn't even mention the music. They bashed JRPG's at every turn. Unbelievable! You mention in your review about these people trying to ruin the JRPG's by bad reviews. They did the same thing on a Grandia III review. So Derek thank you so much for your reviews letting others know that these games are something special and have more heart then G4tv could ever muster. I got a PS3 awhile back and still find myself on ebay looking for those JRPG PS2 gems like Wild Arms.

  8. i was watching this to get inspired to do a similar review video in german 🙂
    this made me tear up because i love this game and it's music so much! it was my first PS Game. since alter code F never came out in europe i never played the PS2 remake 🙁 … great video !

  9. ordered this game on amazon…was super hyped…got a scratched up unplayable copy…gonna try to fix or order a new copy.  After watching this review, I'm sure it will be worth the trouble.

  10. Hey derek, just subbed! I have a similar channel. You are an excellent reviewer and I really like how you point out the good things about the game and then the bad things, unlike some reviewers who only point out the bad things or only the good things. I look forward to seeing more of your content. Wild arms looks like one of those games that is cheaper now, but it's price will increase later on throughout the years.

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