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  1. I'm guna do this. And because you can change your ui i will make it like a 4 point star with tje buttons on – abxy.

    Is it possible to have the ui change that star when you hold one of the top shoulder buttons? Otherwise I will need like 5 stars with all my buttons on 😕

  2. Hey, I was wondering if you ever thought of a more ideal setup that allows for the most fluid combat. it seems with most games with any type of controller support they always try and allocate the shoulder buttons as function/toggle buttons.

    IMO that directly hinders your ability to effectively aim and or move while performing actions. I play with a controller as well but strongly dislike using shoulders as function because they are ideal combo buttons that can be pressed while never moving your fingers from your joysticks.

    I currently use Y and B as function buttons especially since most of my setup emphasizes only using functions buttons for out of combat commands and hotkeys for potions and non combo abilities.

    Was just wondering if you had any thoughts?

  3. Hey, do you think having 10 farms in heidel could work?
    Or is it more efficient to have them in velia.. my main city is heidel:(
    Strawberries and Sunflower to be precise

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