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  1. 1 MILLION VIEWS WTF!!! I deadass never thought this vid would get 10K+… anyways good luck to everyone thinking about making the switch to pc!!!

    I had no clue that going no fill will put you in cross platform lobbies, my bad for calling some pc players bots.

    I plan on streaming on twitch soon, but I stream on youtube currently.



    The PC I built if anyone is curious:

  2. It’s actually a true video, all of the other ones show themselves building insane ninetys and double ramp floor wall rush on their second day, this is true, authentic, and a Grind, well done👍

  3. Lmao the first thing people do when switching from console to pc is learn how to ramp rush or 90's then they think theyre a fucking god lmfao

  4. I don’t have enough for a pc but I’m saving up, I just plugged my mouse and keyboard into my Xbox so I still had the same FPS so it was hard, I’m just saving up

  5. Hey beaks and everyone here and in the world. I know it is very hard to controls every button we have to get use to it and when you play for so long you can also get some things that benefit I hope you will be better but now I am in 2019 you been so good in your builds like everyone else so I hope you will better! Thank you everybody so much I hope everybody can be also good

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