Fortnite will cross-play Xbox, Windows, Mac, and Mobile. PlayStation will cross-play with Windows, Mac, and Mobile, but Xbox and Playstation still can’t …


  1. All gamers would love the cross platform connection but the fact is microsoft and Sony are in direct competition with each other and what better way to keep all the sales to themselves then to not share. It's not really that complicated to understand. Yes we as gamers would benefit greatly but them as a money making corps. Don't fully care what we want. We know it's possible but will they allow it is a completely different subject. It's like dealing with a couple of kids that won't share there toys. But let's be honest money is gonna speak louder then words to these 2 companies and until they are willing to budge on that we can pretty much forget about it.

  2. I think they should let us the players decide they dumb consoles and make true crossplay happen. Let's see who at the top 10 or top 5 leaderboards and finally see who's better that xb1 player or that ps player.

  3. The biggest argument I read from you all against PC is cheaters? What the fuck guys? Where did you all grow up to think only PC players cheat?????? Did you all not play call of duty modern warfare 1 directly after mw2 came out on Xbox 360? That was hackers paradise have you not seen all the borderlands mods and cheats on Xbox playstation etc. The abuse of duping glitches was so much higher on consoles. But don't get me in a room with that PC elitist cheater! He gun ruin my game!

  4. FFXIV didn't release on Xbox because SE wanted MS to allow players to connect without XBL gold. Sony agreed to bypass the PS+ requirement, but MS wouldn't, so they cancelled the Xbox version.

  5. I agree that cross play should be with everything now mind you competitive shooter games my be an advantage disadvantage for each system mostly between console pc grounds but not console to console but I'm sure something could be worked out for that….just like anything g it can all be worked out…why can't we be friends why can't we be friends…lol

  6. Im all for xbox and ps crossplay. But not console and pc. At least not on competitive games. FF14 has been fine as far as pc and ps4 crossplay. (Although i encountered a player im 100% positive was cheating in the feast) but in games like fortnite. PC has a huge problem with cheaters running amuck and ruining the experience.

  7. Brian On your topic of Cross play I agree. There are soo many games that could benefit from it. Fortnite is definitely one. But could you imagine lets say Monster Hunter World got this it would open up the community so much. I mean if a game is eventually gonna be on PC,PS4,Xbox One (X) you would figure cross play would be better. Now granted I will say this a high hope but it should be readily available for any game that can catch a big audience.

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