Here is my complete guide on how to setup the XEBRA EMULATOR. And everything that goes with it. I have also included a full tutorial on how to install and …


  1. This emulator looked promising, but I can't for the life of me figure out the memory card. I want to convert old saves/download dex drive saves from gamefaqs, and I cannot figure out how to get them to work with this emulators memory card manager.

  2. Simply Austin Hey man, awesome guide and everything but if you got time can you please figure out how to get these Russian Bootleg PS1 games i've found working for this emulator somehow? A few does work while a couple few refuses to boot even though strangely it works and runs perfect on the RetroArch's PCSX ReArmed on my modded PlayStation TV… Yeah i can try asking the team to see if they implement whatever features they added to that version but refuses to run on the PC version of RetroArch!

    Here's my pack if you want to give them a go:!hYJWXboR!d7dVVyHoW3efzyv2BB4jdhUPid1vNcOO1ptIvJPd-rg

  3. Maybe you should have ran through how to set up your controller considering there is a lot of comments with people asking how to set up their controllers. And what is worse is no one else can seem to help in the comment section. PS4 controller using it via Bluetooth here. My controller is connected, but it doesn't do a damn thing

  4. awesome tutorial Austin, spot on as always my friend! I'm using a frontend (Launchbox) and know you've tinkered with it. I like the universal BIOS that Dr. Hell included, but your'e right, it lacks that warm, fuzzy feeling. If I wanted to use the actual BIOS instead of the one already included, would you know if there is a way to set the BIOS on a per game basis inside Launchbox?

  5. How is it that you manage to skip right over getting a controller set up?
    "O:U" every single time an attempt to configure my PS4 controller is made. Many others experiencing the same issue and nobody that has figured it out is posting.

  6. Thanks BTW this emulator is the best…it is perfect..the shader thing is a bit different now from the one in your video..I tried it on fusion for megadrive/gensis I thought it looked better but I am not sure that it actually works as on this Xebra one it gave the option to press F2 to get to more options..on the fusion one there wasn't any options like that but when I loaded it to the genesis one (fusion) it says it was succesful and I am not sure if it was imagination but I thought it looked a bit better than it this my imagination or does it work on that too?

  7. I have some games in ccd format, which the emulator does not seem to recognise. Otherwise, this appears so much better than ePSXe! It's way easier to configure I can easily capture screens for my game review blog. I'll try and muck around with the config because some games (like Tekken 3) come up all scanline-y and I can't get good stills. Nice Job, Austin!

  8. Best part of description: Here is my complete guide on how to setup the XEBRA EMULATOR. And everything that goes with it. I have also included a full tutorial on how to install and setup Reshade for this Emulator to ass extra shaders and effects not already featured as standard!

  9. Wish reshade was still this simple, now it installs and you have to re-install every time you wish to change something, no more window with editable settngs.

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