I managed to get a copy of The Game Of The Year Edition: Elder Scrolls III Morrowind and thought I might as well do a walkthrough on it. Share with your friends …


  1. I hope you continue these at some point. It's been fun watching you stumble around without hope or clue, and… somehow… still somehow inch forward and progress.

    I'll be vague, because it would almost be a shame if you actually figured everything out now… but there is one stat you're not paying attention to… and it's essential to do anything in Morrowind.

  2. Armor rating depends on your light armor, medium armor and heavy armor skills. You have more light armor skill thats why light armor gives you more armor than heavy armor.

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  4. Is this the latest / most up to date video?
    There must be more, surely. . .I am so addicted to the way you play – I want more!
    Can't wait to try this myself!

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  6. It continues to be a treat to watch you play the game! With the game fully modded on PC I'm happy already but knowing the base game is still so entertaining to watch and see you play is great as well.

    I remember in Arvs-Drelen in Gnisis the game crashed with the sound hanging on the original Xbox, right when opening a door and seeing on of the mage's summons, for the first time..

  7. I am enjoying this walkthrough so far, and I subscribed to your channel. But let me tell you, Morrowind is a million times more entertaining to play (and watch) once you start gaining power, and the thing about this game is that you are extremely weak in the beginning – and it's even harder for new players. Many people give up before really getting to the meat of this wonderful game.

    Your character is perfectly fine, but seeing as how you didn't choose a weapon skill for your major or minor, it may take quite a while and quite a bit of coin before you gain the power necessary to really have fun with this walkthrough. So I am going to tell you how you can get this playthrough up off the ground, get your character some legs under him, and start having fun. Best of all, this is totally legit, and doesn't take long at all.

    1. Go to the Mages Guild and fast travel (using the guild guide) to Sadrith Mora.
    2. Go to Dirty Muriel's Cornerclub and purchase "Scourge Blade" from Erer Darothril.
    3. Go back to the Mages Guild in Balmora. Go to Estirdalin.
    4. Because you have Scourge Blade, you can now create custom spells that drain skill.

    Create some custom spells:

    a) Drain (insert weapon of your choice) 100 points for 1 seconds on self.
    b) Drain Security 100 points for 1 seconds on self.
    c) Drain Armorer 100 points for 1 seconds on self.
    d) Drain Medium Armor 100 points for 1 seconds on self.
    e) Drain Sneak 100 points for 1 seconds on self.

    5. Find the respective trainers for each of those skills. Cast the spell that drains the skill and immediately talk to the trainer. You can train it for 1 gold.

    Technically, you could train from level 1 to level 100 in no time flat, but don't. Just train the skills to a reasonable level, leaving plenty of room for growth. Level you a good weapon skill of your choosing (so you can defend yourself), level your sneak to a reasonable level, level your medium armor (which also builds your endurance for more health), level your Security (to pick locks dependably), and level your Armorer (so you can fix your own equipment).

    Get to about level 10 or 15 using this method. From then on, the game will be A LOT funner (but not easy), as you will have some wind in your sails at that point. It will still be challenging, but you will have some legs at that point. And you will be in a position to where you can reasonably grow more powerful. The game and walkthrough will really take off if you use my method.

  8. Just a few tips to help out when fighting, theres a distinct sound you make when you land a hit. The less fatigue you have during the fight, the less the chance you have of landing a hit, so always have some fatigue during combat. Agility also helps with the combat system in morrowind, and it helps to get hit less and land hits more

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