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  1.     I think the problem is that Sony is putting all there eggs in one basket for the Ps4 and just left the Vita on the sidelines to fend for themselves. The Vita is not getting the support it needs. I love mine but i can see why ppl will not buy it, with the memory cards being so pricey and not enough main stream games floating through it. Developers are not trying to take there chances making games for the Vita because its not selling enough and Sony is putting there main focus on the Ps4. How do you guys expect it to sell??? Sony got to get there ass up and support it like how nintendo is supporting the 3DS. 

        And to answer your question, i brought mine because my psp got messed up recently and its the perfect replacement. i listen to music and play games to and from school and work. 

  2. i wouldve though the ps vita was just an improved version of the psp. isnt the 3ds just an improvement on the ds. albeit it has 3d but thats not too appealing to me i guess. I originally bought the psvita mainly for the djmax series but thats really a franchise hardcore fans of that genre would like.

  3. Yeah pretty much just japanese games. If you like games like P4G, danganronpa, and tales of hearts and shit vita is great. I would say if I didn't like japanese games I would be regretting my purchase.

  4. I bought a Vita because EB was throwing them out for 200 bucks, and I love the hardware but the games are shit. I do see the potential of Remote play but since I game in my room I never use it. 

  5. I have my vita since launch. I always been a fan of hand helds and I really enjoy my experience with the psp that is was a no brainer not to get a vita. With games like Uncharted and Killzone coming plus all the big third party companies ( at that time) was on board to make vita games I thought it was goin to be psp all over again. Well that feeling didnt last. Now its an over price niche machine. I still have it for some of the indie games that comes out like hotline miami 2 or hyper light difter (which i know its coming on other platfoms I personally like playing games like that on hand helds).

  6. I don't get the hate for the Vita. I just bought one and love it. Portable Uncharted, Jak and Daxter, Persona 4, awesome indie games, Metal Gear Solid, Soul Sacrifice, Tearaway, Batman, Injustice and PS1 classics.

  7. I bought a PS Vita mainly for fighting games on-the-go.. Mortal Kombat, Dead Or Alive 5, Street Fighter X Tekken, Ultimate Marvel Vs Capcom, Injustice Gods Among Us & BlazBlue + some PS1 Classics and PSP classics so i have something to do during my lunch breaks at work. But i have a PSP so i don't really need the Vita for the 'backwards compatibility'.

  8. No… Honestly I think ppl love playing crappy cheap smartphone games… The majority of adult don't want a handheld… Nintendo owns the kid market… So many ppl are casual gamers… The love candy crush and angry bird… That the main reason mobile phone have those crazy numbers…I like games with soul… Polish… And complicated… I can't enjoy swiping a screen to play… I'm extremely competitive… I need real games with real consoles… 90% of the games on the app store is shovel ware… And the OK ones aren't up to the quality of what a handheld offer… So yeah in closing… Its all u dumb fucking playing trash on ur phones… To cheap to buy a dedicated handheld console to play real games but will run out and upgrade ur phone every time a new model comes out… Die u bitches y'all are killing gaming

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  10. Kieran. I have been watching you for 3 years and seen all your videos at least twice each! Correct me if I'm wrong but I have never heard your thoughts on the final fantasy series. I cant imagine it's on your radar but I would like to know if you have an FF experience you can share with us! Cheers mate.

  11. People who play 3ds aren`t 'hardcore'?
    45.2 million aren't 'hardcore' gamers? Bullshit.

    The reason Vita isn't selling well, whereas the 3ds is skyrocketing – Is because gamers want their fill of Nintendo, alongside their Playstation/Xbox games. Nostalgia will always create an audience for Nintendo products.

  12. Pretty much hit the nail on the head.
    – No market for a handheld device that just does gaming when people already have phones and tablets that do more.
    – No backing from the big publishers and developers to put system-selling games on it

    And yes, I know there ARE games out for it, but 99% of it is either Anime stuff that only really appeals to a very niche audience, or it's available on consoles. They marketed the device as something for hardcore gamers, but hardcore gamers want to play on a console or on a PC, not on a tiny screen on the train.

    The big problem is that outside of Nintendo, the handheld gaming console is a dead medium, and this is why. Developers want to make games that have story and character and that people are going to sit down and play for over an hour at a time. If you're playing on a handheld, chances are you're only going to be playing it outside of your own house in maybe 5-10 or 10-20 minutes intervals, there is no time to get invested in a story or in characters. If you're going to play a game like that, you'll be playing it at home, and if you're at home, it may as well be on a console where the market is. Publishers will look at it from a business perspective, "do we bring out a new Call of Duty on the Xbox 360 and PS3, where our millions and millions of buyers are, or do we bring one out on PS Vita where there are about 9 people in the market to buy our game". That's why you only really see the niche market Anime games on PS Vita, the biggest publisher backing the Vita is Sony Computer Entertainment, after that it's all the Japanese publishers that are backed by Sony like Bandai Namco, Konami and Koei Tecmo.

    Nintendo get away with it because they release games that their fans recognise exclusively to their handhelds, so if you want to play it, you HAVE to buy the handheld. But even then, the majority of people I know who own a 3DS play it more in their home than they do on the go. But Nintendo are fine because their game developers know that there are more people with a DS or 3DS than there are with a WiiU. People will buy Nintendo handhelds because its a cheap way of getting your hands on Nintendo games because there is nothing like Nintendo's games on tablets or phones or indeed on competitors consoles. 

  13. now that call of duty has some more competition ie destiny, BF, Halo and eventually evolve. Do you think that they are going to actually going to put something in Advanced warfare to separate themselves from the other CODs? (the same shit different year mentality)

  14. Question: What the hell happened to the plat-former genre of video games? i have noticed a lack of these types of games nowadays on current gen compared to the older generations of consoles such as playstation one and 2 for which plat-formers were a genre of video game that had a hefty presence amongst the vast array of playstation titles, where and why have they all gone?

  15. I bought my Vita mainly because I wanted to play Persona 4 Golden. Which I think is worth buying the Vita just to play. I use my Vita to play a lot of jrpg games because it can play ps1 and psp games like final fantasy, chrono trigger, persona, metal gear…. There is also some really good Vita games like Danganronpa, Velocity ultra, Gravity rush, Uncharted and lots of remakes of games and indies, its just people don't know about them all because there's barely any advertisement for them.. I'm really looking forward to playing the upcoming games Minecraft and Freedom wars on my Vita.

  16. For a future video, if it's good enough:

    Would it be possible for CoD to revert gameplay to the glory days of MW1/WaW/MW2, and if so, would the devs even do it?

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