Ok, so I was all about owning the Playstation VR. Really, I have been looking forward to it since the day it was announced and even rushed to the store the …


  1. I'm just waiting for a price drop before I jump into PS VR.. I mean come on.. a PSVR in Canada costs more than a PS4 Pro console.. That is ridiculous.. But yeah, would like to play RE7 in VR..

  2. To be clear I'm not attacking you I like your channel but more ppl need to stand up for the psvr it's up to the consumers for the psvr to survive and I do see a lot less hate videos now that res evil 7 showed what the psvr can do but when I see a title of a video that says why I already sold my psvr you can bet I'll be right here with facts and figures to defend it I'm a disabled veteran with a lot of time on my hands to read all the news from all the tech articles and research all the crazy claims

  3. The fact somebody gave up on the psvr already when res evil 7 was outstanding and we got dirt rally,Star Trek,ace combat and final fantasy all being made and more heres what the CEO of Sony said to the BBC "We have more than 200 developers signed up for the PlayStation VR program who are working on probably about 100 or more titles that will play on PlayStation VR, [which] is a testament to the kind of support we’re getting on PlayStation VR,” Hirai said. “So I think we have a lot of good support, and it will be a great product coming out later this year.” Again I deal with a lot of hate on you tube now not saying you or your subscribers but some even after evil 7 came out to detour ppl from buying the psvr have made up out right lies about the psvr you see with every hit the big companies make the haters are running out of reasons to hate so now I'm dealing with ppl who are just right out making up stories why do they work for vive or rift or are they so afraid of change they want to kill the psvr like it causes cancer oh I'm sure that will be the new hater story cancer or my cousins friend from Canada lost his sight in one eye because of the psvr it's reaching nonsense level yes I get hate vids get more hits and helps with YouTube taking the 46% but I still find the entire practice sad

  4. VR looks like its not quite ready.. and the big fact is to make amazing games they cost millions and millions of dollars to develop. I just don't see VR succeeding at least not right now. Who is going to make all these awesome games to support a platform that barely anyone has.

    Kinda dumb to purchase the PSVR, if you did any research you could see much like the Rift and the Vive most of the games are like demo's. When I see more games like Resident Evil 7 coming out for VR I will consider purchasing one. But VR has a long way to go imo. I am not sure its going to survive.

  5. "I'm a huge resident evil fan" but you cant wait a couple days to not sell your VR? I think you are impatient and need to realize that VR is still very young and its not gonna be triple A as soon as it comes out. Regular console games have had years to perfect their system and VR isn't gonna be perfect for a while. So I don't really care if people are selling their VRs because years from now when VR is amazing I'm not gonna be the one to have to say that i gave up on it in the first 5 months.

  6. "to justify keeping this expensive system"

    You talk like the system is constantly costing you money on a regular basis. Like you were renting it or something. Like you had to pay every month for it, or something.

    From all the arguments I have heard, that must be the stupidest one. (And don't get me wrong: I'm a huge critic of VR. I think it's a failed concept due to the exorbitant price of the headsets and the abysmal library of triple-A titles. I really think it's going the same route as the PS Vita and the Kinect. But your argument is just silly.)

  7. So…you're suggesting that we buy the VR, get the experience and sell it? I think that's practical. That way a lot of people can experience it for just a fraction of the cost.

  8. PlayStation VR is garbage. If you want a real VR experience go with the Vive or Rift. While I will agree the games just aren't there yet. I've had an immensely more enjoyable experience from both HTC and Rift. Sony was just jumping on the bandwagon here it seems. Not really bringing anything new to the table. That's pretty clear when you bring controllers from the PS3. Which were never designed for VR in the first place, just saying.

  9. Stores keep running out of stock for the VR, so I don't think it's not selliong well, but I do think Sony has a problem with stocking it up. :/ I got lucky, and got the last bundle at my local Target on Day1.

  10. I actually tried to sell mine, I got a Vive and never used the PSVR.
    So I had the PSVR on Amazon with all the games for just below the market value. I figured with the other PSVRs marked up to 700 to 1,000 dollars it would sell right away. After 3 weeks and not selling I took it off and decided to keep it.

  11. VR is still to young, I have the RIFT and From DK1 till CV1 they are all experiences The only REAL GAME is Elite Dangerous, thanks to that I sticked on the technology, but also disappointments came out, like Vorpx, bought it thinking to manage to emulate games in VR, but I think for them is not that simple, and the stores providing games is becoming like the GOOGLE PLAY Store, full of garbage games that look more like copy-paste mentality and the VIVE ROOM SCALE mentality, is like they want you to twist the cables or kill yourself somehow.
    Only some social stuff online orientated games still keep up. In VR INDIE companies, sorry to say, but lack in nearly everything a game requires, are the major!! that's weird!!
    RE7 now is out,but I hate horror games, so not for me.
    Also you didn't mention that in anycase you also need a PS4(Better PRO) a TV and most of all SPACE to run the PSVR :-)))))

  12. My birthday is coming up and my dad and I were going to buy one but we live in NZ
    $630 VR headset
    $100 camera
    $100 move controllers
    And he wanted to buy me Resident Evil 7 as well, in the end it's waaaaaay to much considering we could buy a PS4 pro and Resident Evil 7 for less

  13. Very wise thing to do! It's what I did with my Wii U as well. I bought it when Smash Bros came out and really enjoyed playing that and Mario Kart, but afterwards it was collecting dust and just 300$ sitting there…
    I sold it and will just rebuy it later on for cheap and play the 10 amazing games it has without paying top dollar for it…

    I was so hyped for PSVR as well, but glad I waited for now. I'll get this later on or the next version. I believe in it and it will succeed, but I've got other things to spend 400$ on

  14. I got RE7 hoping it would I change my mind. It's far too puke inducing to enjoy. And even it weren't it's Far to blurry and ugly looking. What a shame.

  15. You people,who are putting the VR down, do you own one? Give it a chance,it's just coming online now, I own one and I think the Technology of it is awesome! I can just imagine what it will be like five years from now.Remember, we all started with ping pong, Pac- Man and Donkey Kong. You are going to regret selling it! ( in a nice way).

  16. I bought the system for myself, so I have no pressure to play when someone else who bought it for me comes around… so now I play it more and more and I'm enjoying it every time I play and now that Sony is learning more what works since this is such a new gaming hardware (that no company is truly making plans for yet until now with Resident Evil 7) I feel like now I'm ready for more of the gaming that will be on PsVR because I know developers are starting to realize how to get on board now!

  17. Full games are being worked on. Robinson the Journey and RE7 are already titles to be mentioned. Of course there aren't going to be many full titles out right now, it's brand new. There has never been anything like this before, so we need to be patient with the content that comes with it. Selling it due to the 'current' lack of games for it, I feel, is a foolish decision. If you're bummed about the lack of content, at least you have the headset in your possession for when there are more titles available rather than having to buy it again.

  18. It's true there is not enough AAA 20+ hours games out there only RE7 but that is to be expected the head set is in it's infancy.
    But looking at sales RE7 did very good on the VR side, More developers will start working on more triple A games and don't forget A7, Ark Park and Elite Dangerous might come in VR that ais enough content for now i guess.

  19. I gotta say man, if youre a resident evil fan I don't know why it wouldn't be enough. RE7, Ace Combat 7, Far Point, and EVE is more than enough value for me. That being said, I'm a PC gamer and the Vive is better but you know the PlayStation will have games soon enough. I think its not really a rational move to sell it now to buy it later unless you realllllllly need money but even then if you want to focus on your channel I don't really understand how this was a rational move.

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