There very well may have been no better era for original role-playing games. Join as we countdown our picks for the Top 10 …


  1. Fuck this list xenogear and xenosaga had way better stories then vii.

    The best final fantasy was ix, vii was only there to marked their first 3D entry.

  2. What a pity you didn't mention Jade Cocoon. While the sequel for the PS2 wasn't great at all, the first game was really something unique and special and I loved playing it. So much in fact, that I cleared the demo of it about 30 times before I could finally play the game.

  3. "For this list, we'll be strictly ranking RPGs that originated on the first PlayStation console"
    Um… Grandia originated on Sega Saturn, so why is it on here?

  4. Awesome games but some of them are extremely expensive nowadays!!! Purchased Xenogears recently.. Still waiting for time to play it. Heard tons of hype surrounding it.. Hope it lives up to it!!

  5. Honestly I believe that Legend of Dragoon should have had first because the storyline was fresh, the characters were somewhat easy to relate to and it was down right a challenge. Sadly FF7 has always overshadowed the game. Don't get me wrong, I enjoyed FF7 greatly but I thought that LoD did a great job with the fighting schematics, the powerful cinematics and the replay value of the game.

  6. This list sucks. Vagrant Story was NOT the last Square game on PS1. Chrono Cross, Parasite Eve II, Legend of Mana, Threads of Fate & Final Fantasy IX all came out after. I remember because Vagrant Story came with a demo disc with tons of Square games on it

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