This system brought console quality gaming into our pockets. Well, our bigger pockets at least. Join as we countdown our picks for …


  1. You guys broke your own rule with FFT War of the Lions. Its a remastered port of the PSOne Classic FFT. All my PSP games were RPGs. I'm surprised that Star Ocean First Departure wasn't up here but hey it's your list.

  2. Me & My Katamari is pretty great. Birth By Sleep is by far one of the best KH games I've played and I've played Dream Drop Distance. DDD would've been sooooo much better if it were to be on the PSP, it'd be nice if they would relaunch it for the vita. Don't have a vita yet, but I plan on it. Wipeout Pulse is neat too, there is a way to put (I think) about 30 of your own tracks in a one minute span and you can drive around in the game with your favorite tracks. And for any of the Final Fantasy games, I enjoyed Dissida 012, it has Lightning in it, she's so pretty ^-^ and I just ordered Crisis Core and I believe that its going to be a pretty good game due to the fact that its based off of FF7. Dirge Of Cerberus was based off of 7 as well and is on the ps2 and I LOVED that game so Crisis Core should be good, I think XD

  3. where is Monster Hunter FU, 3rd? that game was the only reason my friend and I bought a psp. this list is totaly crap. Monster Hunter is on diffrent level than all those shity game and graphics

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